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March is Kidney Health Month

Kidney disease is under-recognized, incurable and undetectable in its early stages. The disease has tripled over the past twenty years.

In fact, one in ten Canadians has kidney disease and many don’t even know because the symptoms are silent in the early stages. Currently, right here in Nova Scotia we have 99 people who are sitting on the waiting list to receive a new kidney. This number changes on a daily bases.

Last year, there was an alarming increase of patients looking for financial support across Atlantic Canada. There was a 156% increase in patients look for support and 133% increase in funds that we were able to provide. In Nova Scotia alone The Kidney Foundation of Canada, Atlantic Branch provided $34,17.82 to 168 Nova Scotians.
But there is hope. If people knew early enough that they had kidney disease, or were at risk, many could prevent or delay the need for dialysis or transplantation.
During March – Kidney Health Month – the Kidney Foundation of Canada will work to raise awareness about the risk factors for the disease and the importance of early detection.