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Sept 5: gardening hints, Communities in Bloom, tree planting

What “A” great summer 2018 has turned out to be!

We would like to wish all the students and teachers heading back to school this week, a great school year in 2018-2019!

And while summer is beginning to wind down, we are still being blessed daily by the beautiful sunshine and warm days. Vegetable gardens are providing bountiful harvests and flowers throughout the town are still in full bloom.

Consistent watering is the key to keeping your garden continually producing healthy and plump fruits and vegetables and to keep those flowers a blooming. During days of high humidity and wind, watering should take place in the early morning and some may even require a nightly watering depending on the day and exposure of your gardens and planters.

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Aug. 17 - Family First programs, "A" Fest and more

It has been a beautiful, hot summer this year in Amherst! We still have a variety of Family First programs taking place to help stay busy and active as the summer comes to an end. Take advantage of the free events and activities that include trail walks, yoga, ball hockey, open swims, movie night in the park, and more! For a full list of events and activities, visit our Community Calendar at Amherst.ca!

“A” Fest is fast approaching! From September 13th-16th we will celebrate Active Healthy Amherst with food, entertainment, family activities and more! If you have any suggestions, for an “A” Fest activity or would like to sponsor the festival, please email Jennifer Bickerton, our Culture, Events and Marketing Co-ordinator, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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July 20: Stay active, visit a park, take in an outdoor movie

Have you been out enjoying these beautiful summer days?

 Stay active this summer by visiting one of our many parks or take part in a Summer Family First activity. Our family first summer program can be found online at Amherst.ca.

Take advantage of some of the many events and activities happening this summer. Activities include trail walks, tennis, active family fun activities, park days, outdoor movies, free swims and tours. Join us for Movin’ on Mondays where we walk and tour buildings around town including the Police Station, Fire Station, Post Office, and Library.  Stay cool at the Dickey Park splash pad, open daily.

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July 27: Bike stencils, PlayDay! and more

Have you noticed the new bike stencils on streets around Amherst?

They are called Sharrows and are part of the Town of Amherst’s recently adopted Active Transportation plan. The plan’s goal is to promote cycling and walking providing an efficient and effective network of interconnected and continuous cycling and pedestrian routes, which link neighbourhoods and major destinations.

The sharrows are used around the world to indicate where bicycles should travel on the street and are also intended to increase awareness for all vehicles to expect cyclists along the route.  This is a visual reminder for the travelling public to share the road and be mindful of all forms of transportation.

Sharrows are not dedicated bike lanes.  Vehicles can drive over them and park along the street where sharrows are present.  In addition to the on-street stencils the town will be installing signage to reinforce awareness of the designated routes.

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June 22: Summer Kick-off, Kite Display, Bike Park

Start summer off with some family fun! Kicking off this weekend is the A Team’s Summer Kick off at Dickey Park Friday evening along with a Kite Display and a Trail Flow Portable Bike Park. Bring your bike and helmet to test out the jumps and bumps this cool course has to offer. Join the Family First Program Leaders in some Hawaiian fun with a luau dance party, sparkle tattoos, crafts & more!

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