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In 1979, the Fawthrop family moved to Amherst after Coun. Dale Fawthrop accepted the position of English department head at Amherst Regional High School.

Fawthrop taught English and drama at the high school for the next 19 years.

While at A.R.H.S., Fawthrop directed several musical productions. He was part of a team that wrote the provincial drama curriculum and founded the Viking Theatre Troupe. The troupe wrote its own plays and toured through the United Kingdom and Europe over eleven years.

Fawthrop was also a founding member of Showcase Productions and a director/actor with the Amherst Drama Society.

After retirement from A.R.H.S., Fawthrop worked with Ruth Nichols to create productions designed to raise money for local charities. His favorite memory from their collaboration is "Frenchy's: The Musical."

Fawthrop was first elected to Amherst town council in 1997. From 1997-2012, he served on numerous council committees.

During the last eight years, he has been on the YMCA Board and the Cumberland Public Libraries Board.

He has broadcasted more than 1,000 radio shows on CFTA 107.9. As Norman Albert Code, Fawthrop has told maritime stories, first on The 1867 News and then on This is When. Community radio has allowed Fawthrop to develop his passion for local people and their stories.

During the past few years, Fawthrop has expanded local story telling through courses that he has taught at Tantramar Senior College.  

He believes the council, working together with each other, with town staff and with all the people of Amherst, will result in the Town of Amherst emerging as a strong and caring community, one that respects the value and potential of all of its people. 



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