What's Up Rec?

Deck the halls, houses and flowerbeds

The festive season has officially been kicked off in Amherst!

The Holiday Light-Up has taken place, Santa has visited us on his parade float, the Tree for Boston has come and gone and Amherst is a whole lot brighter this holiday season thanks this year’s decorative lighting addition along Albion and South Albion.

Now is the time to deck the halls with boughs of holly, fir, and pine! Fa la la! Whatever your choice may be to decorate your homes with, did you know that evergreen boughs also add valuable winter protection to your flower beds? Not only do they help to protect your plants from over exposure to road salt, they also provide a nice blanket for the plants underneath to help limit the amount of freezing and thawing that your garden may see over the winter months.

Although our beds are currently under a blanket of snow, if a thaw happens and the snow melts, its never to late to lay down boughs.  Protecting your beds over the winter months can help to improve the quality of your beds come spring time.hko 9 B

If you happen to have extra boughs, why not use them to spruce up the outside of your home. Try placing them along a railing, or stuff them into your winter hardy pots or planters with some berries to provide seasonal interest outside throughout the winter months. It’s amazing what a little bit of greenery can do to boost your holiday décor.

Did you know that holiday lighting is said to increase your serotonin levels?

As you may have noticed over the past couple of years the Town of Amherst has worked hard to redesign and improve our winter décor for residents and visitors alike to enjoy. We welcome you and your families to come and enjoy the lights and let the brightness of our new lights boost your day.

There are so many beautiful holiday displays at homes and businesses throughout the town this season, we encourage you to take an evening stroll to take them all in and feel that the Christmas spirit is alive and well in Amherst this holiday season!

Snowshoe lending program

 Did you know that to help us reach our goal of becoming the most healthy, active community in Nova Scotia, we have a snowshoe lending program?

This program is yet another way that we aim to promote staying active and getting outside while enjoying the fresh, crisp air and newly fallen snow. Snowshoes are available to be signed out, free of charge as part of our equipment lending program at the Amherst Stadium administration office Monday to Friday, at YMCA, at the Four Fathers Memorial Library.

Outdoor skating

We hope to soon have you to be able to enjoy an outdoor skate on the downtown skating rink located at Victoria St. and Maple Ave. This area is a great spot to get out and be active during the colder months, whether it be for a lunchtime skate or a family outing. Stay tuned on our Amherst Recreation Facebook page for details on when we may see the return of our outdoor skating area.

Beat the holiday stress by walking 

When the weather gets dreary, please come and enjoy the indoor walking track at Amherst Stadium or take a stroll along the Big Block Walk downtown to help reduce the stress of the holidays. The Stadium also offers free recreational skating as part of our goal to become the most active, healthy community in Nova Scotia.  See Amherst.ca for full holiday recreational skating schedule.

What’s happening

Learn what is happening around the community by visiting amherst.ca for our free community events listing and follow us on Facebook and twitter. If you have questions, community events and information to share, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 902-667-6500. Here is a taste of what’s happening around Amherst:

  • Nov. 28- Bridge Adult Luncheon- Bridge Adult Service Centre
  • Dec. 1- Christmas Market Soup & Chili Luncheon- Amherst Lions Club
  • Dec. 1- Christmas Bazaar- Christ Church
  • Dec. 5-Beginner Line Dancing- YMCA