Downtown Business Liaison Program

The Amherst Police Department created the downtown liaison position to help tackle the problems facing downtown businesses. The goal is to give downtown businesses a voice on how to keep the downtown area safe and make it a more viable area to do business. The liaison officers work with owners to understand their issues and attempt to facilitate an appropriate police response. It is the Department's hope that by engaging the downtown business community that there will be a greater flow of ideas between the police and the businesses on how to combat the issues that are important to this area. Cst. Tom Wood and Cst. Normand Bourque are spearheading this effort.

The initial goald of the program was to gather information on what businesses felt where the most pressing issues that were plaguing their business. This was done through a questionnaire that was delivered to most businsses in the fall of 2011. The analysis of the questionnaire is below.