Get your Town of Amherst property tax and/or water sewer bill online using epost. The Town of Amherst has teamed up with epost

Canada Post’s safe, secure, and free way to receive and pay your Town of Amherst property tax and/or water/sewer bill, along with

other bills and statements like your assessment notice, phone, cable, and more – in one secure place, online.  More information is

available on epost. Sign up Today!


Step 1:

Visit and sign up for your free digital mailbox

If you experience technical difficulties (including browser issues) please call 1-877-376-1212 to speak with a customer service representative.

Step 2:

Have your bills and statements ready so you can easily access your account information. Once you are registered you can add

additional accounts by selecting:

- Account Management and Register New Account. (You will need your latest paper bill for each account.)

Step 3:

Register your bills and statements by clicking on “Add a NEW bill or statement”