Executive Operations

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pdf 10350 19 Scholarship and Bursary Policy Download (pdf, 85 KB)
pdf 10350 21 Amherst Youth Town Council Policy Download (pdf, 114 KB)
pdf 10350 24 Proceedings of Council Policy Download (pdf, 128 KB)
pdf 10350 27 Joint Councils Terms of Reference Download (pdf, 17 KB)
pdf 10350 28 Respecting the Appoinment of Members of Council to External Boards Committees or Commissions Download (pdf, 156 KB)
pdf 10350 29 Inter Municipal Poverty Reduction Advisory Committee Download (pdf, 107 KB)
pdf 10350 30 Advisory Committee on Accessibility Terms of Reference Download (pdf, 126 KB)
pdf 10350 31 Terms of Reference TOA Inclusion Diversity and Equity Committee Download (pdf, 107 KB)
pdf Annual Performance Review - CAO Download (pdf, 31 KB)
pdf Appointments of Citizens to Boards Download (pdf, 13 KB)
pdf Code of Conduct for Elected Municipal Officials Download (pdf, 47 KB)
pdf Community Arts Council Committee Policy Download (pdf, 25 KB)
pdf Council Conference Attendance Download (pdf, 17 KB)
pdf Downtown Business Advisory Committee Policy Download (pdf, 502 KB)
pdf Flowers, Fruit Baskets & Memorial Donations Policy Download (pdf, 12 KB)
pdf Inquiries from Council Download (pdf, 11 KB)
pdf Membership in Clubs, Societies and Associations Download (pdf, 12 KB)
pdf Membership on National Boards and Committees Download (pdf, 9 KB)
pdf Office of Deputy Mayor Download (pdf, 15 KB)
pdf Recognition of Retiring Members of Council Download (pdf, 12 KB)
pdf Recognition of Service by Citizens on Boards Download (pdf, 10 KB)
pdf Reports to Council Download (pdf, 13 KB)
pdf Requests for Proclamations and Flag Raising Ceremonies Download (pdf, 12 KB)
pdf Written Submissions to Council Download (pdf, 13 KB)