Public Notices

Notice of Intent to amend Fires & Burning of Material Bylaw

NOITICE OF INTENT - Notice is hereby given that the Amherst Town Council intends to consider the adoption of a Bylaw to Amend the Fires and Burning of Materials Bylaw, C-7.

The purpose of the proposed amendments will incorporate CSA and ULC approved appliances, provide a progressive fine structure when enforcing the requirements of this bylaw and define spacing requirements and fire control measures that need to be in place.

Council intends to give second reading at a special meeting scheduled for July 10, 2020, at 12:00 p.m.  The proposed Bylaw may be inspected and/or a copy obtained at the office of the Municipal Clerk, Dominion Public Building, 98 East Victoria Street, Amherst, by appointment only, during regular business hours.