The following are the noted highlights of the Town of Amherst Regular Council Meeting held June 26, 2017.

Special Guests;

Olivia Pulsifer  – Amherst Youth Town Council Member

Amherst Youth Town Council (AYTC) Member Olivia Pulsifer represented AYTC at June's Regular Council meeting, updating Amherst Town Council on AYTC’s latest plans and monthly report. Olivia is a member of several extra-curricular activities for Amherst youth including We Club and the Amherst Skating Club. Olivia enjoys helping make Amherst a better place to live and play for people of all ages. 


Theresa Nicholls – National Anthem Singer

Theresa Nicholls is a resident of Amherst and very talented musician with musical interests in singing, piano and duet singing with her brother Bill Nicholls playing guitar. She enjoys performing folk, easy rock, musical theatre and other genres in front of crowds. Thanks Theresa!  #seewhyweloveit



Don MacLean presented to Council this evening on the concept and purpose of a tour bus stop in Amherst #seewhyweloveit


Meeting Highlights;

At its regular monthly meeting held Monday, June 26th, Amherst Town Council approved the following motions:

  • Approval of the Amherst Water Utility’s Operating Budget in the amount of $2,029,748 and Capital Budget in the amount of $8,733,000 for the 2017-18 fiscal year. The capital budget includes $7,760,000 for a new water reservoir at upper Willow Street.  This project is 75% funded through the CWWF (Canada Water and Wastewater Fund).
  • Approval of a second reading of an amendment to the Town’s Municipal Planning Strategy and a new bylaw to establish and regulate the phase-in increases in commercial assessment.
  • Approval of a second reading and enactment of a bylaw to amend the Tax Exemption Bylaw, B-1, which removes the property located at 189 Church Street, and further, that $80,086 be granted in tax exemptions to nine organizations in total.
  • Approval of an amendment to the Town’s Salary Administration Policy to create a Capital Asset Coordinator/Property Manager position. This position will strengthen the Town’s effort in capital asset planning and property management.
  • Accepted the proposal submitted by SNC-Lavalin to conduct a Smart Grid Feasibility Study.  Council approved this feasibility study as part of the Strategic Priorities Budget for 2017/18. The Feasibility Study will define the scope of work, economics, emissions impact, and job creation opportunities that could be realized under a pilot project.
  • Awarded the tender for the construction of the new water reservoir storage tanks and associated pressure reducing infrastructure to Maritech Construction at their low bid of $5,121,825.50 plus HST.  This project is being 75% funded by the federal and provincial governments through the CWWF (Canada Water and Wastewater Fund).  It will ensure adequate water storage for the foreseeable future, increase the water pressure in low pressure areas, and improve fire flows throughout the Town.  
  • Awarded the 2017-18 Capital Paving Tender (T-17-09) to the lowest compliant bidder, Costin Paving and Contracting, based on their unit prices. 
  • Released the sewer easement the Town has on property located at the end of Minto and Dundonald Streets by way of a Quit Claim Deed.

More information on each item can be found under the 2017 Media Releases.