Public Notices

Tantramar flood risk data collection

DATA COLLECTION - Mike Johnson is going to be knocking on a lot of doors between now and mid-September as he seeks contact information from folks living on or near the Tantramar Marsh – including portions of the Town of Amherst – who may be affected by flooding due to rising sea levels and more intense weather systems.

“Should flooding ever occur it would be the responsibility of the region’s municipalities, through their emergency management team and other first response agencies, to alert Mike Johnson EMO co ordinator 2 Bthe public,” Johnson, the Cumberland Region emergency management co-ordinator, says.

“We are seeking contact information from residents who live in low-lying areas and areas adjacent to the marsh for notification purposes.”

The data, which includes name, address, phone number and email address as well as whether a resident has an emergency plan and emergency kit, will be stored in a computer program that will enable emergency personnel to issue, at the push of a button, a warning via text, email or phone call to those who may be affected by flooding.

Johnson will be carrying business cards that identify him as he goes door-to-door to collect the information.