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Town employees presented with Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal

Eight Town of Amherst staff members who have exemplified service to their community were presented with the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal during a ceremony held at the Community Credit Union Business Improvement Centre on Thursday, Feb. 2, 2023.

“Each of the recipients has emulated the example of our late Queen,” Mayor David Kogon, the master of ceremonies, said. “Like Queen Elizabeth II, who selflessly served her people, they have selflessly given their time and talents in service to their community, province and country.

“Today’s medal recipients lead rather than wait to be led. They tackle challenges head-on. The see problems as opportunities instead of obstacles.QEJM 1 B

“On behalf of the Amherst town council and our citizens, we want to congratulate each of you for your contributions to this town. We would like to also thank your families for the support they have given you that allows you to provide the services you do to the Town of Amherst and its citizens.”

Awarded medals were:

  • Chief Dwayne Pike – Amherst Police Department.
  • Megan Legere – Corporate Services Department
  • Allison Watson – Community Living Department     
  • Deputy Fire Chief Brian Farrow – Amherst Fire Department
  • Fire Lieutenant Andrew Wallis – Amherst Fire Department
  • Matt Gould – Operations Department
  • Jason Galloway – Amherst Police Department.
  • Chief Greg Jones – Amherst Fire Department. (He was unable to attend the ceremony.)