The First Baptist Church Amherst is the largest town in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia with a population of 9,500 and growing. Located approximately two hundred kilometers northwest of the province capital Halifax, and three kilometers from Nova Scotia / New Brunswick Border, Amherst is positioned in the geographic center of the Maritime Provinces. The town demonstrates a degree of significance to the local transportation industry particularly with imports/exports going through the New Brunswick/Nova Scotia border. Amherst is actively and aggressively working to attract new businesses and offers companies a fully serviced industrial park, a bountiful water resource and a trained labor force. Click here for Local Highway Camera.

The town is a two hour drive from Nova Scotia’s capital Halifax, one and a half hour drive from the Halifax International Airport, one hour drive from Prince Edward Island and a forty minute drive from Moncton, New Brunswick. Throughout Amherst you can’t help but notice the exceptional stone structures and historical homes making Amherst a must see site for tourists. Map of Nova Scotia

The First Baptist Church (above) is an example of the astounding structures found on Amherst's main streets.