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Town of Amherst erects anti-racism declaration in Amherst Stadium

The Town of Amherst, operators of the Amherst Stadium, has joined the Recreation Facility Association of Nova Scotia in issuing an anti-racism declaration.

“We believe our diverse community must be inclusive and equitable to everyone,” Mayor David Kogon said. “It’s why we established our Inclusion, Diversity and Equity committee and its why we’re joining the association and Nova Scotia Sport and Recreation in their efforts to bring about change in attitudes towards racism in recreation facilities by erecting a sign in the Amherst Stadium that contains an anti-racism declaration.”

The sign states Amherst stands up “against racism and discrimination” and supports “fair play for all.”anti racism sign B

The declaration is written in English, French and Mi’kmaq.

The mayor noted our country has a legacy of racism and discrimination that has become entrenched in our systems, institutions and our beliefs and behaviours.

“We must all work together to change that. We must make a conscious effort to make things better,” Kogon said. “We believe in the association’s goal, which is ‘to build a culture that does not tolerate racism and discrimination and takes action to change stereotypical beliefs and behaviours.’

“We would encourage everyone to join this effort, to use their voice and help create change in not only our stadium, but in recreation facilities across the province and the country.”

The association issued their anti-racism declaration earlier this month as part of Nova Scotia Sport and Recreation’s anti-racism week, which ran from Nov. 14 to Nov. 18, 2022.