Amherst Industrial Park

Amherst is as energetic and welcoming today as it was over a hundred years ago when it was known throughout Atlantic Canada as "Busy Amherst". Whether you are thinking about relocating, expanding or just looking for good opportunities, Amherst can offer you everything you need to succeed in business.

A Capable Workforce

"Faith in Our People, Pride in Our Products" is more than just a great slogan. It is a genuine reflection of our community's commitment to excellence and quality, in people, families and work. Amherst offers employers a stable, well-trained labour force of skilled and semi-skilled workers. Our central location places us within two hours of more than 12 degree granting academic institutions, providing a strong talent pool as well as access to a wide variety of training professionals.

Location, Location, Location

Our transportation links are as good as or even better than those you'll find in many larger industrial areas. We are situated on the Nova Scotia/ New Brunswick Border and serve as the overall Gateway to Nova Scotia from all points west. We offer direct access to the four lane, all-weather Trans Canada Highway, VIA and CN Rail services, providing direct access to the Port of Halifax as well as reaching inland to North America's key markets. Just 35 minutes away, the full service Regional Airport in Moncton, NB offers easy freight and passenger connections to all major centres in Europe and North America. The Halifax International Airport is a short 1½ drive on the TransCanada Highway.

Growing Economic Success

For businesses and industries of all sizes, Amherst has proven it offers an environment that is conducive to global success. A number of world-class international manufacturing, industrial and high-tech companies have chosen to grow and expand in Amherst. For example, we export everything from aerospace components, license plates, and rechargeable batteries to fluorescent light ballasts and circuit boards. For many of our businesses, ISO 9000 certification is not remarkable; it is the standard.

The Town of Amherst's Department of Community & Economic Development was created in December 1999 with a broader mandate for service and support in order to better serve the needs of business and industry. With a permanent staff of 3, it is the central point for businesses looking to expand, relocate or set up shop in Amherst. The department's primary focuses include these areas:

A Climate for New Investment

The Town of Amherst actively markets and promotes Amherst as a first-class location for business and industry as well as encourages new developments and growth. The Economic Development Department regularly collects and distributes strategic economic data and market statistics to support business decision-making. At the same time, it maintains a record of available land and commercial buildings for sale or lease and assists investors with the site selection process, including providing information regarding infrastructure and bylaw requirements. Amherst works continuously to find new ways to foster an environment that encourages new investment through their presence at trade shows, conferences, and advertising, as well as hosting visiting delegations.

Support for Existing Businesses

Amherst pays special attention to its existing businesses, maintaining regular contact and dialoguing with them and identifying needs and challenges that will improve the overall business climate, such as providing information about the government services and programs available to them. The Town of Amherst supports local business events and community initiatives.