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What do you do when you have an egg factory, a bread factory, and you're surrounded by sugar maple woods?

Have a French Toast Fest!

French toast is back!  Mark your calendar for March 26 - April 2, 2022. 

Local chefs have created specialty French Toast dishes for you to savour for a limited time.  Plus, you could win some sweet prizes! Post your French Toast photos on Facebook, Instagram, or Tik Tok with #FrenchToastFest for a chance to win a sweet maple treat! 


Thank_you_30.png Donation_from_Wonderbrand_20.jpgA big shout out to Maritime Pride Eggs and Wonderbrand Inc. (formally Weston Bakery) for making sure the local elementary students have the opportunity to dine on French Toast! They are donating eggs and bread to the three elementary schools in town, Cumberland North Academy, Spring Street Academy, and West Highlands who will all be creating a french toast meal for their students during the week of French Toast Fest.  


2022 French Toast specials from local chefs! 

Visit the French Toast Facebook Event page for more information, https://fb.me/e/3r8xwvVmJ  

Participating resturants are: 

Abstract_FTF_30.png   Art_of_Eating_30.png Birk FTF Square 30  Bliss_30.png Bab FTF Square 30Portlander FRENCH TOAST FEST 30  Warehouse_FRENCH_TOAST_FEST_square_30again.png

Check out our award-winning French Toast Fest video, Better Together!

Some things are just better together!  Our award-winning video tells the tale of a matchmaker who brings two young neighbours – one works at a local egg production facility, the other works at a local bread plant – together over a meal of french toast, and suggest things are “better together.” The video was recognized by the Economic Developers Association of Canada with a Marketing Canada Award for best marketing video in Canada for 2019.

Big thanks to the folks at One Eyed Bear ProductionBrown's Guest Home, Buds to Blossoms Floral Boutique, Weston BakeriesMaritime Pride Eggs and to the neighbours on Clifford St. for their help in pulling it all together! 

TridersMaccanMaple WebTrider's Craft Beer, Maccan Maple

Did you know Trider's Craft Beer sources their sap for the Maccan Maple Beer from Hidden Mountain Maple Farms?  Stop in to Trider's to hear some live tunes and try the Maccan Maple!  

Visit their website to learn more about all Trider's Craft Beer, proudly brewed in Amherst, Nova Scotia. 

The Beer of Cumberland County; Family Owned and Operated


Win sweet prizes!

Use the #FrenchToastFest on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tik Tok with a photo of your delicious French Toast meal, whether at a restaurant or homemade, for a chance to win a maple treat!

Or share your photo with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Watch Global's Foodie Tuesday morning segment featuring French Toast Fest!