Amherst firefighters’ quick action saves Amherst Stadium from severe damage

Quick action by Amherst firefighters on Saturday, June 13, 2020, saved the Amherst Stadium from suffering severe damage.

“Around 4 p.m., the Amherst Fire Department received a call for a possible structure fire at the stadium,” Fire Chief Greg Jones said. “Driving to the

scene and upon arrival, it did appear to be a structure fire. Heavy black smoke was coming from the scene.”

That smoke could be seen from several blocks away.Stadium fire 1 B

The first crew on scene soon discovered the fire was in some bales of artificial turf, located at the back of the building, that were set on fire.

“At this point the fire does appear suspicious," Jones said. “We won’t know for certain until the investigation we’re conducting is completed.”

Firefighters poured water and foam onto the turf and wall. They also used a front-end loader to pull the turf away from the structure.

The fire was hot enough that it burned the paint off a portion the concrete wall the turf was laying against.  

“It took us about 10 to 15 minutes to knock the fire down,” Jones said.

The chief indicated quick action by the firefighters prevented the flames from getting into the eaves and second-storey of the stadium.

Firefighters continued to pour foam onto the brick wall for several minutes after the fire was extinguished because the wall was retaining heat from the fire.