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Amherst repeals COVID-19 vaccination policy

The Amherst town council repealed the town’s COVID-19 vaccination policy when it met during a special session on Friday, March 4, 2022.

The policy, which required employees, council members and people serving on town committees to be fully vaccinated, was implemented in October 2021 following provincial Health Protection Act orders that were enacted at the height of the latest wave of the pandemic.

It was felt at the time the policy would ensure a safe working environment for staff, council members and committee members while providing another layer of protection to citizens of the town who use the town’s programs and services.

As a result of provincially ordered changes to those Health Protection Act orders, which were announced on Feb. 23 and took effect on Feb. 28, the council felt the policy should be repealed.

“We have always followed the guidance and the practice of the province throughout this pandemic,” Amherst Mayor David Kogon said. “In repealing the policy, we are once again following those provincial guidelines and practices, which I believe have been fair, consistent and served us well during this pandemic.”