Athletic Achievers recognized by the Town of Amherst

AMHERST, Nova Scotia – Eleven teams and 38 individuals who achieved gold medal performances at the provincial level or gold, silver or bronze at the national-international level in 2019 were honoured by the Town of Amherst on Feb. 11, 2020, during the town’s annual Athletic Achievers Award Ceremony.

“On behalf of all members of town council I want to congratulate all the athletes we are honouring here tonight,” Mayor David Kogon said. “These athletes achieved gold medal performances at the provincial level, or gold, silver or bronze medal performances at the national level. We recognize that it takes practice, hard work and sacrifice to reach the level of success that each of you have achieved.

“I hope you take pride in your performances for I can tell you the citizens of Amherst are proud of your accomplishments. Your successes encourage others to become more active and that helps Amherst reach its goal of becoming the most active, healthiest community in Nova Scotia.”

Kogon, Deputy-Mayor Sheila Christie and councillors Jason Blanch and Terry Rhindress then presented the athletes with certificates recognizing their success. In all, 175 athletes were recognized.

Receiving certificates were:

Amherst Spartans – Basketball Nova Scotia U18 Girls Division AA Provincial ChampionsAthletic 10 Youth 2 Whitecaps cheer B

  • Keira Dyck, Lauren Furlong, Olivia Scott, Lucy Scott, Brianna Warwick, Katy Baker, Ceilidh Bennett, Kennedy Hyatt, Emma Mattinson, Coach Thomas Skabar, Coach Phil Scott

Amherst A’s – Basketball Nova Scotia U12 Girls Division 4 Provincial Champions

  • Lauren Mosher, Addison Dill, Sadie Harrison, Chase Codling, Reese LeBlanc, Jorja Spicer, Jordyn Wolfe, Isabelle Shears, Reagan Bushen, Addison Smith, Assistant Coach Jamie Spicer, Coach John Bushen

Amherst A’s – Basketball Nova Scotia U14 Girls Division 5 Provincial Champions

  • Avery Bryan, Cassidy Sangster, Brooklyn Nicholson, Hailey Johnson, Kayla Emmerson, Kristin Dupuis, Mataya Sangster, Sophie Coates, Maddi Bushen, Coach Leigh Johnson, Assistanc Coach Angela Sangster

Amherst A’s – Basketball Nova Scotia U16 Boys Division 3 Provincial Champions

  • Conor Barrett, Declan LeBlanc, Nolan Starratt, Brody MacDonald, Brennan van Vulpen, Jagger Vandewiel, Ben Legere, Liam Teed, Braeden Taylor, Coach Ryan Thompson

Amherst A’s Basketball Nova Scotia U14 Boys Division 5 Provincial Champions

Anickin Bouwens, Bo VandeWiel, Connor O’Brien, Jason Amos, Jasper Bushen, Kaden Allen, Lucas Maxted, Luke Allen, Michael Fainshtein, Nathan Hampel, Nathan Moore, Tyler Milner, Assistant Coach John Bushen, Coach Cayne Amos

Senior Boys Slopitch – NSSAF Division 1 Provincial ChampionsAthletic 15 Sarah Cobbet figure skating B

  • Zach Boudreau, Jackson Comeau, Jeremiah Martin, Jayden Matheson, Graden Chitty, Matthew Hunter, Jake Adams, Kyle Walker, Cole Stevens, Brady Crowe, Michael Farrell, Jackson Colborne, Cal Hoeg, Coach Charlie Chambers, Coach Darren Collins

Amherst Skating Club Gliders – Provincial Elementary Synchronized Skating Winners

  • Savanah Cobbett, Eve Scott, Isabel Brownell, Mia Farrow, Zoe Lirette, Katie McIlvena, Sadie York, Alexis Robblee, Brooklyn Baxter, Coach Laura Ashley Farrow

Youth 2 Whitecaps Cheer – National Champions at Cheer Expo and Provincial Champions at Cheer NS Provincials

  • Abby Macdonald, Rhaya Macdonald, Madison Arseneau, Jasmine Wood, Kalie Oderkirk, Ava Keddy, Calla McNally, Willow Buske, Evie Terrio, Shayla O’Blenis, Coach Kathleen Hawkes

Open 1.0 Aqua – 2019 Cheer NS Provincial Champions

  • Cody Childs, Shaeleen Hawkes, Gabby Black, Kathleen Hawkes, Hayley Chapman, Taylor Strickland, Cara Polegato, Gracie Cooke, Theresa Hawkes, Kennedy Hope, Megan Everill, Lyndsey Hawkes, Ashley Grace, Coach Ashley Grace

Springhill Fencebusters – Baseball Nova Scotia 13U AA Tier 1 Provincial Champions

  • Kyler Edwards, Sawyer Harvey, Nolan McNally, Phoenix Remington, Chase Livingston, Mandel Nickerson, Gregor Millard, Reese MacDonald, Trey Smith-Johnston, Kieran Sears, Liam Brown, Coach Scott Millard, Coach Kyle Remington, Coach John McNally, Coach Brian Johnston

Amherst Athletics – Baseball Nova Scotia 15U A Tier 1 Provincial Champions

  • Ryder Codling, Brady Gill, Avery Smith, Kalen Burke, Brayden Stevens, Mattix McBurnie, Ty Beed, Burke Beed, Declan LeBlanc, Dylan Mitton, Nate Campbell, Evan Legere, Coach Darrell Cole, Coach Randy Smith, Coach Chuck McBurnie

Figure SkatingAthletic 13 Special Olympians B

  • Savanah Cobbett – 2019 Juvenile U12 Sectional Champion

Special Olympics – Provincial Championships

  • Laura Mooring – Gold in bocce singles
  • Colton Rushton – Gold in bocce singles
  • David Teed – Gold in bocce singles
  • Jason Chappell – Gold in bocce singles
  • Brad Coady – Gold in 200 metres, javelin
  • Brandon Ott – Gold in 100 metres, 400 metres, javelin
  • Joey Timmons – Gold in shotput
  • Jonathan Dauphinee – Gold in 200 metres
  • Matthew Porter – Gold in 50 metres
  • Kyle Dillman – Gold in shotput, running long jump, javelin
  • Elsie Pettigrew – gold in standing long jump

NSSAF Track and Field

  • Quentin Knock – Gold in 200 metre and 800 metre para races
  • Coach Shawn McManaman

Track and Field

  • Haley Angus – 2019 NSSAF Provincial Champion in triple jump, 2019 Subway AUS Champion in triple jump, 2019 National Legion Track and Field competitor

Phoenix Dance Competition Overall Solo Title Winner

  • Sophie Patriquin – First place ballet/pointe and overall soloAthletic 7 Amherst Athletics baseball B


  • Jake Adams – 2019 Nova Scotia Snowboard Male Overall Slopestyle Champion, Nova Scotia Snowboard 2019 Slopestyle U18 Champion

National Power Lifting

  • Lauren Millard – Canadian Powerlifting Federation Bench Press Record
  • Ray Fowler – Canadian Powerlifting Federation Bench Press Record
  • Doug Letcher – Canadian Powerlifting Federation Bench Press Record

Cumberland Spartans Swim Club

  • Reagan Bushen – AA Spring Championships – first in 100 metre and 400 metre freestyle, first in 400 metre individual medley, third overall 12 and under female swimmer
  • Simon Buske – AA Winter Championships – first in 50 metre breaststroke; AA Spring Championships – first in 50 metre freestyle, first in 50-metre, 100 metre and 200 metre breaststroke, first in 200 individual medley, gold overall 12 and under male swimmer
  • Olivia Bacon – Team Nova Scotia representative
  • Jordan Beaton Team Nova Scotia representative

Amherst Shotokan Karate AcademyAthletic 11 Haley Angus track and field B

  • Nicole Robinson – 2019 Maritime IKD Regional Tournament – gold in combined male and female Green-Blue-Purple Belt 16-plus, individual Kumite (sparring)
  • Seth Robinson – 2019 IKD Canadian National Tournament – silver male brown and black belt, age 11 and under, individual youth Kumite (sparring)

Tae Kwon Do

  • Nathaniel White – Eastern Canadian ITF Championship Boys 10-12-year-old red belt patterns, Canadian Nationals Boys Pre-junior red belt patterns, NS ITF Open pre-junior boys red belt patterns, Maritime Open Martial Arts Boys 11-13-year-old red belt patterns and grand champion boys age 10-13-year-old patterns.
  • Brandon Arseneault – Mastering the Elements Championship Junior men’s light weight sparring
  • Sue Smith – Canadian ITF National Championships senior women’s hyper weight sparring
  • William Dickinson – Mastering the Elements Boys 10-12-year-old blue belt light weight sparring, Maritime Open Martial Arts Championship 10-12-year-old blue belt patterns
  • Mac Baker – Maritime Open Martial Arts Boys 7-9-year-old green belt sparring, NS ITF Open boy’s 7-9-year-old green belt middle weight sparring
  • Rebecca Baker – NS ITF Open women’s senior white belt patterns
  • Alison Lair – Valley ITF Open women’s white belt patterns
  • Teaghan Lair – Maritime Open Martial Arts girl’s 6-7-year-old white belt patterns
  • Riley MacPherson – Maritime Open Martial Arts 5-7-year-old high kick
  • Allison Jones – Maritime Open Martial Arts – girl’s 5-7-year-old white belt patterns, Grand champion 5-7-year-old all belts patterns, girl’s 6-8-year-old light weight sparring; Valley ITF OPEN – girl’s 6-8-year-old yellow belt patterns, boy’s/girl’s 6-8-year-old light weight sparring
  • Jaina Rayworth – Mastering the Elements girl’s 9-10-year-old red-brown belt patterns, grand champion girl’s 9-10-year-old all belts, girl’s 9-10-year-old sparring; Canadian National ITF Championships 9-10-year-old middle weight sparring
  • Will Dickenson – 2019 Canadian Nationals pre-junior blue belt patterns.

Athletic 17 Amherst As Girls Basketball U14 B