Amherst Police Chief Ian Naylor recognized for contributions to policing

Amherst Police Chief Ian Naylor was recognized on July 5 for 40 years of exemplary service during a ceremony in Halifax that saw him presented with the second bar to his Police Exemplary Service Medal by Lt.-Gov. Arthur J. LeBlanc.

The medal, established by the federal government and approved by Queen Elizabeth II in 1982, is awarded for 20 years of service that is characterized by good conduct, industry and efficiency that serves as a model to others. Bars are awarded for 10 years additional service.

The front of the medal bears a stylized maple leave and the scales of justice while the back bears the Royal Cypher surmounted by a Crown. Each medal is engraved withIan Naylor service medal 3B the name fo the recipient around the edge.

“I can think of no one more deserving of the recognition that Chief Naylor received on Thursday,” Mayor David Kogon, who attended the ceremony, said. “He has served the Town of Amherst with dedication and distinction.”

Naylor, who is scheduled to retire this month, began his policing career on Feb. 1, 1978, when he joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He served with that force for 10 years, being posted in Manitoba and Newfoundland.

Naylor became a member of the Amherst Police Department on Feb. 1, 1988. He was promoted to the rank of sergeant in January 1998 and promoted to deputy-chief in September 1998. He was appointed acting-chief in November 2012 and was named police chief in January 2014.

“In some ways it doesn’t feel that long ago I was just starting my career,” Naylor said. “But, hearing my named announced at the ceremony with the words ’40 years of service’ attached had an impact on me that I wasn’t expecting.

“Forty years is a long time, but right now my last shift on July 20th seems further away than the start of my career.

“My wife, Kathy, was with me at the ceremony. She has been with me the full 40 years. As far as I’m concerned, she is the one who deserves the medal.”