Media Releases

Committee recommends amending Amherst Youth Town Council policy

Amherst town council’s committee of the whole is recommending that council approve amendments to its Amherst Youth Town Council policy when it meets on April 26, 2021.

The referral to the upcoming council meeting was made by the committee when it met on April 19, 2021.

One of the proposed amendments would see the term for members of the youth town council begin in September of each year instead of November. A second would change the timings for the appointment of the youth council members, with expressions of interest being sought in April instead of June and the appointment of the new council announced in June instead of October.

The third proposed amendment will include a section that states the youth town council will attempt to reflect the diversity of the community.

Expense reimbursement policy

In a housekeeping matter, staff asked the committee to review the town’s Expense Reimbursement Policy and provide direction on whether the policy should be re-adopted or amended.

Reviewing the policy is required following each municipal election in order to give a new council the opportunity to review and endorse or amend the policy.

Staff were not proposing any amendments to the policy.

The committee directed staff to leave the policy as it is. 

Joint Council Community Economic Development Strategy 

The committee approved a staff recommendation to forward the Cumberland Regional Community Economic Development Strategy to the council’s April 26, 2021, meeting for approval.

The strategy involves the towns of Amherst and Oxford, the Municipality of the County of Cumberland and the Cumberland Business Collector. It details how the parties will address the region’s economic development through collaboration and co-operation.

Information Items 

The committee was informed that the 2021-22 capital budget will be placed on the agenda of the April 26, 2021, council meeting for council’s consideration.

In addition, council was informed the draft noise bylaw is now being reviewed by the town’s solicitors. It is expected the review will be completed prior to the May 2021 committee of the whole meeting.