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Finding parts to repair broken stadium elevator proving challenging

The Town of Amherst is doing everything it can to fix the elevator at the Amherst Stadium.

The elevator broke down on Aug. 31, 2022, and while it hasn’t been out of commission as long as the elevator in the Big Bang TV series, its repair is proving to be more challenging than expected.

Soon after it malfunctioned, stadium staff put in a call to KONE, the company that has the contract to service the elevator.Access 13 B

Their staff were quickly on the scene and just as quickly, they determined the problem was the elevator’s controller, which is responsible for lighting, opening and closing doors, levelling and determining what floor the elevator should go to.

Since then, they have been in multiple times to do trouble shooting, run diagnostic tests and have tried different controllers, all to no avail.

“It seems the availability of parts for this type of elevator is what is holding up the repair,” said Corey Crocker, recreation facilities manager.

The elevator cannot be put back into service until a solution has been found and the repairs made, Crocker said.

“We recognize this has caused an inconvenience for our citizens and the operation of our facility,” he said. “We are working daily to ensure this gets resolved as quick as possible.”