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Firefighter Andrew Bickle named volunteer of the year

Firefighter Andrew Bickle has been recognized by his peers as the Amherst Fire Fighters’ Association’s volunteer of the year.

Bickle was chosen for the award via a vote taken among the association’s membership.

He was also presented the President’s Award, which is presented annually by the chief of the Amherst Fire Department in recognition of his demonstratableFFB volunteer of the year B leadership and commitment as president of the Amherst Fire Fighters’ Association during the past operational year.

The awards were handed out on Thursday, Nov. 4, 2021, during the department’s annual banquet, which was pared down to just firefighters due to the current COVID-19 protocols.

Lt. Kelly Chappell, Lt. Andrew Wallis and Firefighter Gary Hunter were presented with the best attendance award. All of them had 100 per cent attendance as they responded to every call the fire department received during the past operational year and attended all of the volunteer functions hosted by the Amherst Fire Fighters’ Association.

Several firefighters’ commitment to the department were acknowledge through the presentation of long-service awards. Receiving the awards were:

  • Five years: Firefighters Ian Smith, Kevin Lepage, Stephanie Irving and James Brundage.
  • 10 years: Firefighter Eric Graham
  • 20 years: Firefighters Marc Buske, Raymond Macdonald
  • 25 years: Firefighter Tim Betts
  • 35 years: Deputy-Chief Brian Farrow and Lt. John Michels Jr.
  • 40 years: Capt. Vern Megeney.

Below is a short video of the presentations: