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Jeffery Bacon named Amherst’s new business development officer

Lifelong Amherst-area resident Jeffery Bacon has joined the ‘A’ team as the Town of Amherst’s new business development officer.

“Jeff has extensive experience in business development, sales and project management through progressively more senior level roles at LED Roadway Lighting Ltd. here in Amherst,” CAO Jason MacDonald said in an email introducing Bacon to town staff.

“I know Jeff will be a pleasure for us all to work with and will do a great job in his new role.”

 Bacon spent more than a dozen years with LED Roadway Lighting Ltd., working in a variety of roles. In recent years, he was the firm’s director of businessBDO Jeff Bacon B development and the national sales manager for the Canadian market.

Prior to that, he was a production manager with EG Energy, a Warren-area solar technology farm that also created voltage saving equipment. Before that, he was employed with Micro Optics Design Corporation as an electrical department manager, a manufacturing engineer, a production manager and a high-level electric equipment designer.

Bacon believes his role at LED Roadway Lighting will prove beneficial in his new job as the town’s business development officer.

“My role at LRL was to travel the country promoting our product to mostly municipal-based clients,” he said. “As a result, I had a lot of interactions with municipalities and befriended a lot of people within these municipalities.

“I soon learned municipalities have hurdles and part of my job was to bridge the gap, to be able to reach an agreement with them. From that, I had a lot of exposure to the challenges municipalities have to overcome to gain new technology.

“I also worked with a lot of municipal business development officers and got to see what they did to build local business. I believe that will help me in my role here.”

Bacon said he looks forward to working with local businesses, to find out what their challenges and opportunities are and “then going out and champion them in order to help them grow.”

He also looks forward to trying to attract new businesses to the community and working with other agencies like the Cumberland Business Connector and the Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce to help Amherst and the surrounding area be a great place to live, work and play.

Bacon’s office is in the Community Credit Union Business Improvement Centre on Ratchford Street. He can be reached at 902-694-2161 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.