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Matthew Selig takes on new role with the Town of Amherst

Longtime employee Matthew Selig has taken on a new role with the Town of Amherst.

He was recently named the town’s Parks and Recreation Foreman, which means he is now in charge of the 60-plus green spaces the town owns as well as its seven parks. In addition, he will assist in running the Amherst Stadium and other town facilities like the Robbs Centennial Complex.

Selig began his association with the town in 2007 when he worked as a summer student. Two years later, he became a part-time worker and in 2011, heMatt Seilig B became a full-time employee. He is also a 12-year member of the fire department.

In 2015, he became the chief engineer of the refrigeration plant at the Amherst Stadium, just a year after obtaining his Refrigeration Class 2 certificate.

“The big difference for me is now I’m on the other side of the table, meaning I’m the one assigning the work and planning ahead as compared to just coming in, doing the job and going home,” Selig said. “Learning this side of the job is my biggest challenge going forward. It is going to take me a couple of months to get into the role, but I feel like I’m well suited for the position.”

Aaron Bourgeois, director of operations, agreed that Selig is well suited for his new role.

“Matthew is a dedicated, hard-working employee who has a wealth of experience and knowledge that will help him be successful in his new role,” Bourgeois said. “I look forward, as does the entire team, to working with Matthew in this new role.”

Selig is also looking forward to taking on his new role.

“For me the best part will be the job satisfaction part of it,” he said. “I get to overlook everything we do. I can see where we are going and where we want to shape the department into.”

He’s also looking forward to continuing to work with his fellow parks and recreation employees.

“I’ve worked with some of these people for 15 years,” he said. “We have a very diverse, a very strong crew who have a lot of different experiences. All of them are quick to learn the job. They are a great group and I’m thankful that they’ve all bought into me being in this new position.”