Mayor David Kogon declares June 2-9 National Health and Fitness Week in Amherst

In another move to promote physical activity, Mayor David Kogon has declared June 2-9 National Health and Fitness Week in the Town of Amherst.

"I encourage all residents to increase their participation in recreational sports and fitness as the benefits of engaging in those activities are well documented,” Kogon said on June 1, as he signed a proclamation he hoped would spur people to become more active.

The proclamation comes four days after Amherst town council approved a five-year Active Transportation Plan it hopes will encourage residents to walk and cycle more. The proclamation also supports the federal government’s efforts to get Canadians to become fitter.

“It is in Canada and the Town of Amherst‘s interest to improve the health of all,” Kogon said. “By becoming fitter, we help reduce the burden of illness on Canadian families and on the Canadian health-care system.”

The proclamation signed by the mayor noted Canada has many outdoor spaces such as forests, parks, lakes, oceans and wilderness areas that offer recreational and fitness opportunities.

“I encourage people to use our walking trails, our parks and our recreational facilities, such as our tennis courts, our stadium, our skate park,” the mayor said. “I also encourage people to access our nearby beaches and provincial parks as well as the Amherst Point Bird Sanctuary. All of these places enable people to be more active.

“Together, we can make Amherst among the most active and most fit communities in Nova Scotia.”