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New trail encourages physical fitness

The Town of Amherst is continuing its efforts to encourage physical fitness through walking, running and biking by upgrading and installing new sidewalks and trails.

The most recent evidence of this ongoing effort could be seen on Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2022, when town crews were in the initial phase of constructing the Willow Street Trail. The $50,000 project will see a gravel trail built between Willow Street and Abby Lane.

Crews were hauling in gravel and spreading it about in order to form the base for the trail. When completed, the trail will add another link to the town’sWillow Trail 5 B extensive trail system.

“One of council’s main priorities for several years has been to improve the health of our citizens by encouraging physical activity,” Mayor David Kogon said. “Walking, running and biking are an essential part of that strategy. That is why we’ve pursued improving our sidewalk and Active Transportation trail system in recent years. The new Willow Street Trail will give our residents another route to explore while out getting their exercise.”

In addition to building the new trail, town crews have also been busy this summer upgrading and installing new sidewalks.

Earlier this year, they installed a new sidewalk on Regent Street, between Elmwood Drive and Spring Street, at a cost of about $23,000. They also upgraded a section of sidewalk on South Albion Street, between Clinton Street and Highland Village, by replacing the old asphalt sidewalk with a new 1.5-metre-wide concrete sidewalk at a cost of about $45,000.

“The construction of the new sidewalk and the upgrading of the sidewalk on South Albion greatly improves pedestrian safety and accessibility in addition to improving the overall user experience,” Kogon said.