Parking at Rambler hockey games creating safety issue

Illegal parking around the Amherst Stadium during Rambler hockey games is creating a safety hazard.

“We are concerned ambulances, fire trucks and police cars cannot safely manoeuvre the streets around the stadium when games are being played because of the way people are parking,” Acting-Police Chief Dwayne Pike, the town’s traffic authority, said.

“We want people to enjoy the games, but we also want to ensure our vehicles can get safely to the stadium itself or be able to travel safely through the area in the event of anNo parking 2 B emergency.”

As a result, the police department will be placing temporary no-parking signs in the area of the stadium prior to next the March 23 playoff game. They will also be placing pylons 4.5 metres (15 feet) from each of the stop signs at the intersections of Church and Wellington streets, Church Street and Senator Avenue and Wellington and Gould streets.

In addition, pylons will be placed 4.5 metres (15 feet) from either side of the crosswalk on Church Street that is in front of the stadium.

“We are hoping that we don’t have to hand out tickets, but police will be enforcing any parking violations in this area with summary offence tickets,” Pike said. “In addition, vehicles may also be towed.”

The fine for violating the no parking signs is $25.

People could also be fined for violating sections of the Motor Vehicle Act that state vehicles can’t be parked within 7.5 metres (24 feet) of a corner or within 10 metres (32 feet) of a stop sign.