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Solid Waste Bylaw amendments get first reading

Amendments to the town’s Solid Waste Bylaw were given first reading by the Amherst town council during a special meeting held on Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2021.

The amendments delete a section of the bylaw that currently prevents solid waste, such as residual waste, industrial/commercial/institutional waste and construction and demolition waste, generated within the Town of Amherst from being shipped outside the boundaries of Cumberland County.

The elimination of the sections was a condition of the sale of the Cumberland Central Landfill in Little Forks to GFL Environmental Inc. The sale was negotiated between the company, the towns of Amherst and Oxford and the Municipality of Cumberland earlier this year.

The Municipality of Cumberland is making similar amendments to its Sold Waste Bylaw.

The change to the bylaws will enable the company to potentially export solid waste generated within the county to other jurisdictions.

Before the amendments to the Amherst bylaw go into effect, a notice of intention to adopt the amendments must be posted and a second reading must take place. The second reading is anticipated to take place prior to the end of August. The exact date will be posted in the near future.