Current Applications

Planning in the Town of Amherst ensures an inclusive, sustainable, productive and healthy lifestyle by promoting a variety of housing types, economic development, recreation, active transportation, heritage and environmental protection in accordance with the provisions of the Municipal Planning Strategy.

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Depending on the nature of the development, applications for approval are considered as-of-right, by site plan approval or by development agreement. Applications for development agreement or amendments to the planning documents must follow the process outlined below.

6-Step Planning Document Amendment and Development Agreement Process

planning document

As-of-right development

As-of-right development complies with all the applicable Land Use Bylaw, Zoning and  Subdivision Bylaw . This approval process is administered solely by the Development Officer and does not involve public engagement or further discretionary action by the Amherst town council.

Site Plan Approval

A site plan is a precision tool used by the town to ensure certain site elements, including but not limited to walkways, parking areas, landscaping, exterior design, lighting and signage on a parcel of land, meet all the requirements of the Land-Use Bylaw, Zoning, Subdivision Bylaw and the Municipal Planning Strategy. Site plans approved through this process should show the exact details of how a property will be developed. Additional criteria for consideration by the Development Officer for assessing site plan approval are provided in the Land-Use Bylaw.

Development Agreement

A development agreement is a legally binding contract between a property owner and the town that stipulates standards, design requirements, terms and conditions to which the property owner must adhere. Aspects of a development addressed in this agreement may include architectural design, parking, landscaping and drainage, among others.

The process involves public engagement, review by the Planning Advisory Committee before a final decision by the Amherst town council.